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Goldring GR2

I’ve been enjoying one of these little beauties for some time now. Not so much media player as furniture. It’s had the surprising side effect of introducing me to a little known thing called ‘music’.

Music seems to have first appeared around 1971, and remained fashionable for about another 30 years. We have a lot in common.

Technological advances have unfortunately signified the end of these particular long players, and the advent of remote control has led to “so-called” innovations such as fast forward and shuffle-mode.

More effective than a week of yoga and breathing through a straw, a double side of vinyl will slow you down so much your evening will stretch in front of you like a long fortnight. Having experienced Dark Side of the Moon without the benefit of either shuffle or fast forward, it is indeed better than a two week spa break with colonic irrigation.


  1. Hi

    Perhaps a shot in the dark but are you related to the Pawley family?

    If so I suspect that we are related!


  2. Doug,Thanks for the link. I think &#n0t2;s2arti8g point” is a great way to put it. Hopefully, we’ll see many more take your active stance in working to convert the momentum behind competitions to more fruitful efforts. Best of luck and let me know how things go!

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